Pre-test method qualitative research

The purpose of the pre-test is to do a check on an ad or commercial before it is launched in the media or is being further developed. As stimulus material a storyboard can be used or some rough sketches. Sometimes only some thought are available that are described in a few lines. By using individual in-depth interviews the target group can react to the concepts or ideas. The interviews are very open and first impression, message and evaluation of the concept are discussed in a way that is strongly directed by the respondent. The goal is to make small adjustments to the ad or commercial if needed. Experience learns that only minor adjustments can lead to a major change in the perception of the ad or commercial.
The pre-test is also a simple way to check wether some issues are overlooked: is the perception of the service or the product different than we thought? Are we missing something? For this reason it is also described as a disaster check.
Important is to describe beforehand what communication goal the ad or commercial has.

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