Discussion Boards Research and online interviews

We offer several tools to conduct online research in the Netherlands like discussion boards. One way is to offer a live webcast (video stream) when conducting qualitative fieldwork so you can follow the fieldwork from any location in the world. Another option is working with online discussion board platforms.

Online Discussion Boards Research

discussion boards

We have ample experience moderating online discussion boards (online forums or bulletin boards), online focus groups, online diaries and blogs. This approach can be used synchronous (live) and asynchronous (respondents login at a time suitable to them). This way of exchanging ideas is a great solution when participants have busy schedules and live in different areas of the country.

Advantages using Discussion Boards

When using Discussion Boards respondents can take their time for their responses. Another strenght is the combination of individual participation and group dynamics which can be used for the same question. First the respondents answers the question without noticing the answers of other respondents. Then after answering the question the answers of other respondents become visible. For some respondents it helps to be relatively anonymously to be fully open about a subject.
After the fieldwork the data is immediately available for analysis purposes. The interaction between respondents can be interesting (depending on the subject) and is often a stimulus for the respondent to add some thoughts.

Online consumer in-depth interviews (IDI) or online focus groups

We offer webcam interviews with a backroom for the client and simultaneous translation. All interviews are recorded for analysis and reporting. Respondents can participate from their home and you (and the respondent) don’t have to travel to be present.