Qualitative experience The Netherlands

Qualitative research experience: drs. Sjoerd Heskes has studied politics and mass communications at the University of Amsterdam. After more than 25 years in qualitative market research there is no branch in which we have no experience. However, there are some branches in which we have ample experience:

  • Business-to-business
  • Communication research (e.g. for advertising agencies)
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • Financial services
  • Health care
  • Publishers
  • Research for the government
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Skills and experience qualitative research:

Advertising Research, Analysis, Brand Equity, Bulletin Boards, Co-creation, Competitive Intelligence, Consumer Behavior, Customer Insight, Customer Journey, Ethnography, Focus Groups, In-depth interviews, Market Intelligence, Market Research, Marketing, Marketing Research, Moderating, Mystery Shopping, Online Moderation, Online Research, Primary Research, Product Development, Qualitative Market Research, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Questionnaire Design, Segmentation, SEO Analysis.

Some companies we have worked for:

BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker, Beterburen Buurtbemiddeling,   BeyondCurious, Blue Banana Agency, Centraal Beheer, Cincom Netherlands B.V., Clayton Reed Associates, CNV, Cordaan, DESAN Research Solutions, Discuss.io, Epinion Capacent, Eunet, Exposure, Facit Gruppe, FDS International Inc., Fieldscope International, Futurum Groep BV, Gartner Inc., GroenLinks,Informer Interactive Research Ltd., Ino Vision Ltd., Lamberts Consulting, Marketing Sciences, Media Partners, Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu, MTV Europe, Nierstichting, Novartis Consumer Health, Octant, Opportunity in Bedrijf, Origin, PLM Market Research, Prudential Leven N.V., Rabobank, Research International GmbH, Robeco, Satelitte Industries Inc., Sinus Institut, Sociaal Cultureel Planbureau, Sterpolis Verzekeringen N.V., Stichting de Baten, SVB, The Harris Research Centre, The ParaMarketing Group, The Value Engineers, Triple EEE Management Support, Universiteit Maastricht, Unilever, UWV Werkbedrijf, VeiligheidNL, VisionsLive Limited, Wolters Kluwer, Wrigley NV

For online research, experience includes VisionsLive, Zoom and Zoom webinar, discuss.io and Teams and online tools for mobile research.

Please contact Sjoerd Heskes with details of your project.

Sjoerd Heskes
AQR - Association for Qualitative Research