Focus group facilities the Netherlands

Focus group facilities in Amsterdam and other areas in the Netherlands like Amersfoort, Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven and s’ Hertogenbosch are available with host, qualitative moderator and selection of the respondents. All focus group facilities are dedicated to qualitative research. Some of the options are:

  • One way mirror and/or viewing room with beamer/TV.
  • Simultaneous translation of the focus groups.
  • Recording of video of the focus group with simultaneous translation on the audio-track.
  • Recording on audio (mp3) of the groups.
  • Webcast of the focus groups (e.g. FocusVision).
  • Moderating of the groups.
  • Management summary with recommendations.
facilities qualitative research

We rent interviewing rooms based on the briefing and target group and we can do interviews at home of the respondent as well. We can provide you with research design input based on our experience with the local market and respondents. In Amsterdam there are several focus group facilities in the city and the suburbs.

Service facilities for qualitative research in the Netherlands

We can also help you with finding a hotel in the area, restaurants, organize catering and other advise you may need when entertaining guests and visiting the Netherlands.

And of course we can also help you with online qualitative fieldwork!

Please contact Sjoerd Heskes for enquiries about your project specifications.