Qualitative Research Agency in the Netherlands

Need a qualitative market research agency or qualitative moderator in the Netherlands? Heskes & Partners is a market research company and qualitative research agency in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,  for the following applications:

  • Concept development research
  • Product development research
  • Name and brand assessment
  • Image and Positioning research
  • Advertising evaluation
  • Packaging design
  • Customer Satisfaction research
  • Internet focus groups and discussion boards

At Heskes & Partners we think that all problems are interesting enough to develop a unique approach. Qualitative research is custom made. What we offer is our experience, our effort and our enthusiasm to ‘translate’ a problem to the research approach that helps you obtain the best possible insight in the perception of your target group. We have good relations with local interview facilities, selection agencies, moderators and researchers. We have offline and online experience in most branches and our philosopy on a project is to be involved in all phases: so the qualitative researcher is responsible for the briefing, the fieldwork, the analysis and the report.

Advantages working with qualitative researcher and moderator Sjoerd Heskes

Some advantages of working with Sjoerd Heskes:

  • No information is lost during the research process. Briefing, interviewing, analysis and report are conducted by the same person.
  • Low costs because we have low overhead.
  • Flexibility. If during the research process adjustments have to be made – e.g. to the questionnaire – this is no problem. And actually this is at the core of what we believe qualitative research should be.
  • We have more than 25 years of experience in qualitative research.
  • If the research approach does not work in the Netherlands we will communicate this as well in a timely manner.
  • A huge network to provide solutions for your specific demands.
  • We provide direct feedback from your target group.

Market research facilities or qualitative moderator in the Netherlands for your qualitative research interviews?

Do you want to know more about facilities for focus groups or in-depth interviews in Amsterdam or other areas in the Netherlands? Do you need a focus group or discussion board moderator? Please contact Sjoerd Heskes sjoerd@heskesresearch.com for more information or use the form below. We can also help you with online qualitative research.

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